"Owing as much to various world music traditions as to jazz, Ehlis's typically ruminating and occasionally explosive music is an original global fusion, steeped in the multikulti aesthetic of late trumpeter Don Cherry."

Derk Richardson
San Francisco Bay Guardian

"The spacy yet intense rapport of the ensemble is exemplary as is their interplay during Ehlis's 'Yes I Know' ..."

David Lewis

"The John Ehlis Ensemble is an atypical set of musicians who have embraced at least three distinctly different jazz motifs without conflicting the results"

Jeff Melton

"...(Ehlis) is superbly supported by fellow axman Lofton and the underrated Tchicai, all of whom together form an odd ensemble very reminiscent of Henry Threadgill's."

Dave Mc Elfresh
California Jazz Now

John Ehlis

Guitarist John Ehlis is inspired by traditional music from around the world including Brazil, Cuba, India, Mali, South Africa and the Basque region of Spain and France. He rechannels the influences of these musically vast cultures into a unique sound that incorporates chanting, lyrical melodies, ambient sounds and collective improvisations. He also includes the sounds of mandolin, bamboo flutes, mbira and hand percussion into his performances.

Ehlis studied music under the direction of Grant Wolf at Mesa Community College and completed his formal music education at UC Riverside in 1989. He has performed throughout the United States for the past 20 years with musicians that include John Tchicai, Francis Wong, Jon Birdsong, Marie Afonso, Ken Butler, Joe Craven, Beth Custer, Tony Passerell, Rent Romus, Tapia and Leturia, the Gauden Bat Basque Dancers and Euskal Giroa. The John Ehlis Ensemble has two releases on his indie label Sívac Records. He has also led the improvisational ensembles Beautiful Cuba and Francis the First.

John Ehlis currently resides in New York City where he is collaborating with saxophonist Allen Won and percussionist Todd Isler in the Wu Wei Trio.


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